Meet Europe in Person – The Spinelli Group Podcast, starting December 23, 2022

“The Spinelli Group – Meet Europe in Person” video podcast series, moderated by Nana Walzer, gives an insight into the work of the non-partisan #SpinelliGroup in the #EuropeanParliament. The Spinelli Group is a network of federalist-minded Members of the European Parliament. From December 2022 on, Nana Walzer talks with some of the over 70 Members of the European Parliament who are part of the Spinelli Group about what is happening, changing, and challenging the European Union – and of course about what role the Spinelli Group is playing in all of this. The first episode features the chairman of the Spinelli Group and president of UEF-Union of European Federalists, MEP Sandro Gozi. View at:, listen to at:

The Spinelli Gruop Podcast is produced by Daniel Gerer ( for UEF Europe ( and the Spinelli Group ( with music by Nana Walzer. UEF Europe is cofinanced by the European Union (CERV programme of the #EuropeanCommission) #SpinelliGroup #toFedEU #JEFspirit #EuropeanParliament #EuropeanUnion